Arp316 (Hickson 44)

Image credits: J. Haberman, R. Hedrick, D. Rowe, J. Fournier

Processed by D. Rowe

Objects: Arp 316 (NGC 3193, 3187, 3189) and NGC 3185

Field Center: J2000.0 10h18m0.3s +21d47m15s

Field Size: ~ 16X24 arcminutes

Exposure: LRGB = 189:35:35:30 minutes

Instruments: CDK20 f/6.8 with STL-6303E

Location: Pinto Valley Observatory

Date: March 18-20, 2007

Conditions: -25C camera temperature / 40F ambient / calm to light breeze / ~ 2.5 arcsecond seeing

Processing: Calibrated, Stacked, Gradient Removed, and Stretched in NightHawkX. LRGB Assembly and final adjustments in Photoshop


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