October 21 and 22, 2006 Trip Pictures

A big international group and a proposal


A great trip.  We had a big group.  We had the NexStar Beta testers out, Celestron folks, Planewave Instruments folks and of course Dave and Linda.  And another special event....Rick proposes to Julie.   And best of all, she said YES!.    

From left to right - Joe, Frank, Matthias, Dave, Linda, Dave, Carleen, Andre, Derik, Jason, Julie, Mike, Donna, Rick, and Corey       


The whole gang

Andre versus the CPC11

Joe, Matthias, Donna, and Mike


Morning in the main cabin

A cup of joe for Dave and Dave

A cup for joe for Joe

Hunting for trilobites

Relaxing on the porch, Julie, Rick and Matthias

Joe and Rick and the Planewave Instruments truck

The ring!!

Rick and Julie, the newly betrothed

Toast for Rick and Julie

Corey, Joe, Matthias and Dave toasting the newly betrothed couple

On the trail

Men at work - Joe and Derik

Matthias ready for the hike

Frank showing us his cool software. We saw an airy disk with the CDK20 on video.

The observatory and surrounding buildings

Andre looking through the CDK20