Nov 20th, 2004 - Construction Pictures

On Saturday Nov 20th, we started off digging holes and preparing to pour concrete.  Dave and Linda had previously laid out the observatory on a prior weekend.  To save weight (driving 4 hours from LA) we bought concrete in town that needed gravel added to it.  We filled up the back of Dave's pickup truck with gravel from the nearby wash.  Dave's neighbor, Shelly, was kind enough to lend us his cement mixer, so we were all set.  In one full day, we dug the holes, set the rebar and poured the concrete.  It was supposed to be a clear weekend according to the weather forecast, so we were very surprised to find it snowing that evening after dinner.  And it kept on snowing all the next day.  The pass on the 15 was closed for a while.  We were concerned that the concrete may not set, but in the end it was ok.  

Workers:  Dave, Linda, Rick, Joe, Chris, and Don.