March 6th and 7th, 2005 - Construction Pictures

Installing the telescope!


This was a weekend we had been anticipating for some time.  We installed the telescope in the observatory.  There is still a lot of work to do, but we actually had first light for the observatory!  The first object was Saturn and the seeing was really good!    


Misc. control room shot.

Joe cutting wood.

Standing on the observing deck, facing the control room. From left to right, Jason, Rick, Joe, and Andre.

The observing deck closed up.

Rick testing the pier's stability!

Jason and Dan at the pier.

Installing the mount on the pier. From left to right, Chris, Joe, and Rick.

Installing the mount. From left to right, Rick and Chris.

From left to right, Jason, Chris, Joe, and Dave.

The mount installed in the observatory

First Light!

The C20 installed.

More of the C20.

The C20 installed

Jason and Joe and the C20.

Chris at the C20.

Rick working on the C20.

Andre at the C20.

Jason peaking over the fold down south wall. Still needs some paint!

Senior Joe taking a break from painting just long enough to pose!

Joe is certainly moving up in the world. But it appears he has reached a local maxima.

Pinto Valley Observatory.

Pinto Valley Observatory.

Pinto Valley Observatory.

Pinto Valley Observatory with the C20 peaking out!

Pinto Valley Observatory.

The Pinto Valley Observatory campus. : ) Better known as Roweville.

Much of the gang posing after a hard day of work. Rick, Andre, Chris, Joe, and Jason.


Workers:  Dave, Rick, Joe, Chris, Jason, Dan, and Andre