January 23, 2005 - Construction Pictures


It was a great weekend in Roweville.  The sun was shining, there was a gentle breeze and it felt like spring.

 While Linda framed in the north gable end I worked on the U-channel track.  I removed the rust, primed the pieces, drilled and countersunk and installed with screws.  It works great.  Very smooth and easy to move considering that the rolling roof is about 1200 pounds.

 I then framed in the south fold-down sections and applied T1-11.  It took a while before I figured out a good way to install the hinges.

 I did not get enough T1-11 to finish the north gable end.  Good planning, eh?

 Next time out I'll bring the doors, at which time the observatory will be ready for a telescope.  It will only be about three months since we started.  Amazing.


Looking from the south-west, all closed up.

Looking at the hinged wall facing the south inside the observatory.

North wall with incomplete gable, but nice cooling fan!

Looking from the south-west with the roof retracted.


Workers:  Dave and Linda.