December 31, 2004 - Construction Pictures

The weather report said rain in the afternoon so we planned for an early day; breakfast at 6:30AM.  It was bad enough getting up early on a day off, but to make matters worse it was freakin' cold!  But, Dave's blueberry pancakes softened the blow.  The plan for the day was to finish putting the shingles on the control room roof and if the weather held get as far as we could with the rolling roof.  It was very cold, but it didn't rain until we finished the roofing on both roofs.  Then, it did rain.  It even snowed a little bit.  We finished at around 2:00 PM and hit the road by 3:15 PM.      

Looking to the North

Looking to the West

Group shot of Rick, Dave, Joe and Jason.

Featuring Dan the Man!

Looking to the north-east

Looking to the east

Looking to the south-east

Looking to the South


Workers:  Dave, Rick, Joe, Jason, Dan and Linda.