December 30, 2004 - Construction Pictures

Breakfast at 7:30 AM, Dave's omelets.  The roads were rough coming in as there had been a lot of rain the past few days.  But, we were lucky today.  The breeze was cold, but it was a pretty nice day considering how the weather had been.  Today's goal was to  put up all the roofing trusses including the rolling section of the roof for the observatory and to roof the control room.  We did pretty good, but we didn't quite finish with the shingles on the control room on account of darkness.  Oh well, there is always tomorrow if the weather holds.  The forecast says rain in the afternoon tomorrow, so maybe we should get an early start.  Oh yes, tonight is poker night!       

Starting the Day

Starting the day

Jason on the move.

Joe on the control room section. The first truss.

Workers:  Dave, Rick, Joe, Jason, Dan, and Linda.